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Transformational Tantra Massage

Transformational Tantra Massage Essentials - Block 1

This Transformational Tantra Massage training has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage should stand for at its highest pinnacle of this art. 

The training is about learning to receive and give tantra massage as an initiation into Tantra. This course is based in Manchester.

This experiential training invites you to understand the essential components of Tantra Massage.

It can be done stand-alone and also provides an ideal introduction (as Block 1) into our yearlong training which allows you to move more deeply into the transformative elements of Tantra Massage.

If you choose to do this training as a stand- alone and then feel afterwards that you want to explore further, then there will be an opportunity to sign up to the full training.

If you complete this training as a stand-alone you are invited to join Block 2 and beyond this year or in a subsequent year.

This block of the training introduces the fundamentals to tantra massage involving more than a dozen structures covering:

• Learning how to hold tantric space

• Creating the setting and the use of ritual

• Creating safety for giver and receiver

• 12+ rituals and massages using a variety of techniques and practices

• Hygiene Protocols to limit the possibility of transmission of infection in an everchanging world

• Understanding and experiencing the basic principles of tantra

• Finding out more about how you meet the world and others

• Becoming more compassionate towards others

• Discovering new ways to deeper pleasure and intimacy

• Being more confident when giving touch to another

• Expanding your experience of what is possible in your life

We are Jon and Elara, teachers at John Hawken’s The Paths of Transformation faculty.

This course has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage should stand for at the highest pinnacle of this art.

We are exciting to be running the fourth year long training of this course in the UK, which will run in addition to other professional Tantra Massage trainings running at our flagship Tantra Centre in Prague, Poland and internationally.

–      An item to place on the altar that represents you and your journey in this training

–      Loose comfortable clothes to wear, which may also include shorts, vests and crop tops

–      Slippers or flip-flops for wearing indoors

–      A sarong or lunghi for covering up between exercises

–      Massage sheet (a double non-fitted sheet is ideal) or large towel to put on a massage mat

–      Massage oil (if you prefer to use your own)

–      A cushion to sit on

–      A blanket if required

–      Journal and pen for note taking and reflection

–      An easily identified bottle with a lid for water (to avoid spills)

This is a group training and you are invited to practice on your fellow participants.

The Pathways Studio, Lord Byron Square, Salford, Greater Manchester M50 2XH

8th-12th September 2021

£625 until 31 July, £725 thereafter. 

A deposit of £109 must be made via the booking form below.

Once you have paid your deposit you will be sent details of how to pay the balance.

Once you have paid a deposit (which is non-refundable) you will be sent a link to complete an application form.

You will then be invited to have a chat with the facilitators to discuss the training, answer any questions you may have and where we accept you onto the training.

If we are not able to accept you onto the training, then your deposit will be refunded.

This training initiates you into the deeper world of Tantra and space holding for others. It requires a degree of personal resilience to explore aspects of oneself. It is not a therapeutic training and is not for you if you are suffering from any mental illness or deep trauma.



What people say

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I learnt that tantra is far more than I thought it is, not just about sex, as hyped up to be. How I relate to myself, and the world. It is what you want it to be, without expectations, a very personal thing, encouraged to be that, not being brainwashed. I discovered how hard it is to ask for what I want and for the weekend had time to explore this. Jon & Elara both have a lot of experience. Felt very open, held, safe, throughout. Don’t be afraid of what you think tantra is, you’ll …be surprised.
Alison Pilling, Intimacy Coach.
Alison Pilling, Intimacy Coach.
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I deeply appreciated this week with skilled facilitators and willing, caring participants. The massages are involving, revealing and enlightening and not what you might think as massage is a broad term to express our connection to heart, spirit, body and energy. I felt both safe and enlivened and this restoring week helped me to reconnect to my true nature of joy and power. I felt seen and heard in the spacious holding and we also covered a lot of content: not only massage structures, also understanding holding the complexities of life, seeing old patterns, making different choices. I’d really recommend this course if you want to understand more about the life-changing potential for Tantra Massage and to be connected with an amazing group of people.
A, Participant
A, Participant
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I’ve been on several events and course run by Jon and Elara. Unfailingly they are run with immense integrity and care – you are not “taught” but instead learn by doing and experiencing. Transformational Massage really lives up to the title. The course was intense and, dare I say it, transformative. I came away with energy flowing freely and strongly, a renewed sense of self, and a greater ability to be “in the flow” and present.
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