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Private 1-2-1 Tuition with a model


This training is for both men and women who wish to enhance their skills in the bedroom with the power of tantric massage.

  • Would you like to learn with one of the Uk’s leading Tantra Teacher Training Academy?
  • Would you like to get a Worldwide Accreditation?
  • Would you like to learn Tantra privately with a beautiful model shakti to partner with you, so that you could practise on her?
  • Would you like to learn conscious touch & tantric massage ?
  • Would you like to learn techniques to circulate and enhance sexual energy?
  • Would you like to learn Lingam or Yoni massage?
  • Learn tantric sex techniques?
  • Of simply learn for your own pleasure on how to drive your partner wild in bed?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then we invite you to embark on a transformative and enlightening journey with the Academy Of Modern Tantra.

For men you will get hands on practical training by a woman, on a real woman – we know what women want! This is hands on practical learning revealing the best techniques to use.

And for women you will get hands on practical training by a woman on a male model.

Your coach will be Jennifer Surch, a Sex-pert & Love Coach Founder of the Academy of Modern Tantra the UK’s Leading Tantra School for professionals.  Jennifer holds over 2 decades of experience in Tantra and Somatic Healing.

A beautiful or handsome & talented demonstration model will collaborate with us in your training.

We are a collaboration of individuals that work with a shared goal of bringing global healing & harmony to the planet. We believe it is our birth-right to be able to experience pleasure

The AOMT will design a bespoke program with your goals in mind so you will be learning a program tailored to your very needs.

Bayswater, London.

The training takes place on Fridays at anytime between the hours of 10am to 4pm. Once you book the training your teacher will be in touch to arrange a suitable date for you.

Men to Learn on Women (Module 1) = £990 (pay £70 deposit fee with the rest to give directly to your tutor on the day of the training).

Women to Learn on Women (Module 1) = £990 (pay £70 deposit fee with the rest to give directly to your tutor on the day of the training).

Choose the right training for you

In this course you will be taught how to give a phenomenal tantric massage to the opposite sex. 

All sessions include transformative 121 Sex Coaching, Venue, Demonstration Model, Sex-pert Coach & Certification. 

Module 1 For Men to learn on Women

Available on Friday’s in Bayswater, London.

Introduction to Tantra Massage

Certification in Lovel 1 Tantra Massage & Yoni Massage
3 Hrs

Includes Full Tantra Massage
Includes Yoni Massage

We will provide a female demonstration model for you.

This is a beautiful session introducing you to the elements of tantric massage that women love.
How to give incredible Yoni Massages
Conscious touch
Pleasure body mapping,
How to deepen sensation,
Breath techniques to enhance pleasure
How to invite Intense orgasmic waves
How to create deeper connections and intimacy
How to give a women unapologetic pleasure.

Inviting your female partners into different tantric breath techniques that raise their kundalini energy allowing both you and your partners brain to release oxytocin and dopamine.
Learning how to harness your own sexual energy and circulate this whilst diving deep.

In this session you give a full body tantric massage along with yoni massage

Yoni Massage
This is a full yoni honoring and sensual massage treatment.
It was designed by women, for women.
This Yoni Massage is a sequence of incredibly powerful techniques that are both healing, nourishing, transformative & balancing.
We believe every female has the divine right to be able to receive such sumptuous pleasure.
Working with the Root Lock Mulah banda, the Base Chakra Muladahra

Introduction to Tantra Massage

Available on Friday’s in Bayswater, London.

Certification in Lovel 1 Tantra Massage & Lingam Massage

3 Hrs


Includes Full Tantra Massage
Includes Lingam Massage

We will provide a male model for you.

Learn how to give your man an erotic massage like the professionals including the infamous body slides.

How to give a mind blowing lingam massage.

Teach your man to harness and circulate his sexual energy helping him have more transcendental experiences and last longer in bed.

The session will include, conscious touch, pleasure mapping, the micro cosmic orbit, tantric breath techniques, massage, kundalini energy, meditation, reaching transcendental highs.



What people say

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The training was fantastic. Jen showed me what women really want, and how and where to be touch. The great thing about this course is that I got to practice in on a live model being guided by Jen.
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I've wanted to give my boyfriend a tantric massage before but was not sure how to actually give one. So the training with Jen was a blessing. It's nice having a teacher to guide you and to be able to practice on a male model in private in a nice quiet place in central London. Thanks Jen.
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To book yourself onto one of the above courses please pay the deposit fee using the form below. With the rest of the course fee being paid to your teacher at the beginning of the session.

 Please note the deposit fee is non-refundable.

 Once payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email. By paying the deposit you agree to the terms and conditions. If you experience any problems please contact us

If you feel we have missed some information above please look at these frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer to your questions please contact us.

Yes you can cancel and choose another date to come. Please contact your tutor directly and as soon as possible if you need to cancel your course and wish to change dates.

Please email your tutor directly to cancel your place on the course. Please do this as soon as you know you can’t make it. Please note that the deposit payment is not refundable.

Yes the model will be naked. If you also want to be naked this is your choice. It is important that you feel comfortable.

It is natural to get an erection, and is not a problem.

Friday’s are when the training takes place.

The difference between foundation sensual massage is there will be no tuition on tantric techniques – like the techniques mentioned below.
It is simply 1.5 hours of sensual massage and yoni massage tuition.

With Module 1 we go into the real tantra stuff, that is the difference between sensual massage and entering Tantra; the more intense deeper pleasure – the profound experiences…

Conscious touch massage
Pleasure body mapping
How to deepen sensation
Breath techniques to enhance pleasure
How to invite Intense orgasmic waves
How to create deeper connections and intimacy
How to give a woman unapologetic pleasure.

Yes the model and tutor are both female.